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Key Team Members

Henry Weber (BS and MS, Engineering Cornell), is the President of G-W Process Optimization, Inc.  [LinkedIn Profile].  As Chief Operations Officer of G-WPO, he has three related engineering roles.  The first is nondisruptive data acquisition, the strategic attachment of monitoring equipment that grabs factory measurement data without interfering with the process. The second is the strategic administration of team data, including IIoT for team-based analytics, and virtual collaboration between the team and the client.  The third is vendor interfacing, an essential team service that recognizes that there is frequently a need to quickly get up to speed on unfamiliar devices and machines.  Jointly, these roles facilitate delivery of clear and actionable information to both team members and client.  In response to Covid-19 pandemic, he spearheaded G-WPO's Slope of One initiative to help companies open up and stay open strategically and safely using his skills in filtration, Clean Rooms, Ozone treatment, and plant layout.


Alan Ganz (Ph.D. Physics, Columbia University), is the Chief Technology Officer of G-W Process Optimization, Inc.  [LinkedIn Profile].  As the specialist in data analytics, he is the primary point of contact with clients and the executive in charge of managing the team.  By nature a quantitative synthesizer, he seeks to provide clients with "the simplest answer," one built on cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience, but also on scientific rigor.   His professional background in diverse fields including petroleum research; defense in a nuclear theater; analytical instrumentation; and, especially bio-medical devices, provides the basis for his integrated, activist solutions.   Having led groups in all the listed areas, he is fully aware that great ideas come from well-informed teams.  Thus, he energetically promotes virtual participation, the strategic use of streaming -video and -data, to assure that all participants - team members and clients - are efficiently connected, informed and heard.  This holistic approach is well-suited to the current pandemic period that requires scientifically-informed decision-making for current safety and productivity, but also flexibility for meeting an uncertain future.


Brian McAuliff, is the founder and president of Bri-Tech a design/build/systems integration firm including designers, programmers, technicians and support staff located on Long Island.  He is an electronics/electrical expert with over 30 Years’ experience in control systems and automation including building automation, conveyor systems, packaging, process, and power applications.  While Bri-Tech concentrates on building systems, they also do R&D control software and custom PC board product design.  Clients include Natures Bounty, Entemanns, BASF and many other Long Island based firms.  As in integrator with decades of custom experience, Brian has seen many types of control and monitoring - from chilled water systems, pump controls, waste water systems, tank farms and production machinery, to infrared camera systems with analytics and critical systems monitoring control with digital dashboards overseeing the process by smartphone app.

Joel Shertok (Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Princeton University), President of Process Industries Consultants,  is the author of the recent monograph The Art of Scale Up.  Such specialization, built on a deep and broad knowledge of the how products are actually made, enables him to guide clients from concept to commercialization while attending to safety and environmental concerns.  This expertise was honed as both a senior executive in charge of R&D at a major manufacturer as well as a hands-on practitioner, inventor, and mentor.  Additionally, he is active in the investment side of the process business, writing and evaluating relevant proposals and applications offering maximum commercial leverage for clients.

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