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Versogen and G-WPO held informal brainstorming sessions to determine how the two companies could work together to even more cost-effectively generate the critical polymer needed for Versogen’s membranes.   These membranes are the most advanced in the world, and are the critical component for their revolutionary electrolyzer intended to produce green hydrogen.


The joint team selected what they considered to be the most leveraged area, and, after signing an agreement, began work in late July, 2022.


Among the G-WPO attributes that Versogen found most attractive for this high-profile project two stood out:

  1. Extensive experience with real-time in-situ quality assurance, a valuable feature for this relatively lengthy process utilizing expensive and corrosive materials;

  2. Virtual Participation, which not only keeps travel time and costs down, but allows for routine brief interactions – an especially worthwhile feature for long batch times.

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