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Team Capabilities

Our Broad-Based, Experienced Team


G-WPO can be your health- and safety- informed, sole-source technical assessment, new product evaluation, due diligence, valuation and improvement-implementation group.  Key personnel are experienced, independent entrepreneurs who have agreed to team together out of mutual respect, realizing that together they can solve the most complex Process Manufacturing problems in the industry.  They are skilled in health and bio-medical-related technologies, process engineering, analytics, IT and data security, regulatory issues, new product development and management.


As would be expected from a team of seasoned professionals, there is no shortage of accompanying support services available to G-WPO.  From electronics and PLC-control programming to sophisticated packaging implementations; from issues of regulatory compliance to the best way to lay-out a new factory; from how to get data from antiquated factory machines to building custom machines, G-WPO has whatever is needed to address your technology-related concerns in Process Manufacturing.


Key team members have been invited to join G-WPO on the basis of more than just technical proficiency.  Each one has a record of success working with a wide array of factory employees; sometimes alongside factory technicians; sometimes with middle managers; sometimes giving board-level presentations.  What makes this versatility so important is the team’s capacity both to hear and understand challenges from multiple perspectives and, correspondingly, to respond comfortably at all levels of your organization. 


The advantage to you of working with G-WPO is that we understand that you are the best judge of what Value Creation means in your business.  Our role is to present options to you, options based on hard data, but also on soft issues that we can report from the factory floor or sense in a busy senior manager’s directives.  Similarly, we are mindful of the information you will need to best capture that value.



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