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Process Manufacturing Plants

Process Manufacturing Plants – Objective: Safe and Optimal Plant Performance

  • Problem clarification 

    1. Sometimes, there is a need is to address known malfunctions and inefficiencies (“m&i”) for which you, the client, have identified a source; at other times the root causes are unknown. Either way, begin with an understanding from your perspective.

    2. Another category of concern is more open-ended: “entitlement.”  Are you getting everything you are entitled to out of your current investment?  G-WPO takes the position that before new capex is approved, the client needs to be certain that everything already paid for is operating to spec.

  • First Feedback: Problem re-statement

    1. Concurrence about m&i or a careful explanation of what other problems are responsible for the observed problems.

    2. Assessment of entitlement. Gaps are reported. 

  • Moving forward with a solution

    1. Both m&i and entitlement are resolved. At the client’s discretion, the project may end there. 

    2. Or, the client may choose to address a global issue: What will it cost us to improve the overall performance of our systems?  G-WPO will then develop a cost/benefit matrix.

  • Second Feedback: Plan for resolving the problem

    1. G-WPO reviews the cost/benefit matrix choices with you, assuring that they are clear.

    2. An implementation plan is determined, enabling you to decide where you perceive value with the most marginal utility optimizing not only value creation, but value capture.

  • Implementation

    1. All remaining m&i concerns are addressed

    2. The plan is executed

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