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Private Equity and M&A

Private Equity – Objectives: Optimum Deal for Our Client (Buyer or Seller); also, Seamless Post Merger Integration

  • Assessing the value of the business, as is

    1. While G-WPO is hands-on/equipment savvy, it is also fluent in estimating the value of other assets in a competitive market: products and processes.  Are these in any way unique?  How do they stand up during the pandemic?  Is the need for the product likely to change?  Are the processes efficient or merely adequate?

    2. G-WPO team members are field oriented, highly interactive with workers. This experience enables an assessment of the quality of the labor force – and the reasons behind their motivated or sluggish behaviors.  This, off-balance sheet asset is of particular significance in the process manufacturing industry, commonly highly dependent on manual labor.

  • The cost of making the business worth more

    1. Buyers need to have a cost/benefit matrix to uncover hidden opportunities, as could readily be enhanced by initiation of Wind4.

    2. Sellers need to know this so that they can avoid undervaluing their asset and advise Buyers of the opportunity

  • Integration

    1. G-WPO’s skill linking sites together using intuitive and secure virtual collaboration tools suitable for persons with all levels of skill, simplifies communication.  Transparency and ease of connection stimulates trust and sharing.

    2. Periodically repeating the assessment of the type done during valuation, enables management to objectively gauge the quality of the post-sale integration.

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