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Venture Capital

Venture Capital – Objective: evaluate novel ideas in a turbulent, pandemic-stricken, highly specialized market, Process Manufacturing

  • Distinct from the other three sectors, which are directed to real, tangible assets, the challenge of Venture Capital is to recognize potential.  This abstract concept is separable into two precise categories, both very familiar to G-WPO.

    • How well will it perform?  Whether the “it” is a product or a process, whether the “it” has been demonstrated yet or not, the question of how well “it” can be expected to perform is complex.  There are three specific targets in making an assessment.

      1. Are the physical principles on which the product or process is based sound, or is the invention at the edge of instability?

      2. Is the IP sound?

      3. Can the team improve the product or find a work-around to the IP?

    • What size market can be expected?  This point addresses utility as well as competitive products and existing processes.

  • The skill of G-WPO to respond to these questions, aside from expertise in the Process Manufacturing area, and aside from comfort with going through the literature, comes from two attributes.

    • As consultants, all team members have been exposed to a wide variety of technical products and processes.  We understand what works, having seen in practice, items of all qualities.

    • Moreover, as individuals running our own businesses, we are attuned to risk and benefit in ways that corporate employees do not experience.​

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