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CESMII (DOE) Grant Awardee

CESMII, the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, is a member of the DOE-supported Manufacturing USA, the elite group of institutes chartered to promote technology leadership for US manufacturers.


G-WPO completed its first Smart Manufacturing Institute project in the Spring of 2022.  An outline of the major events in this project, from inception to the present is offered in the News & Updates section, perhaps the best way to record a remarkable rise from Nowhere (one of the few projects to work with really small, old-school factories) to Prominence (award for Smart Manufacturing Innovation).


We credit the institute for its flexibility and willingness to appreciate the remarkable ascendency of a staff accustomed to paper records (and no sensors) that proved that they can work with the very best.


It is our goal to expand this “alternative” DEI concept – the upskilling of the majority of manufacturing workers currently in pre-digital factories.   We expect to do more such projects with CESMII and are striving to find support for scaling our methodology.

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