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NYM (Not-Yet-Modern) factory owners 

It's finally here!

Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 upskilling

that is useful on day one,

doesn't disrupt production, 

delights your staff, and enables

your company to grow quickly.


Using familiar low-cost apps, first-class imagination

and your real, on-the-job challenges, we develop meaningful and lasting skills. 

The secret?

Our teaching methods develop intuition, that feeling of assurance that comes from a clear understanding.


Intuitive reasoning is not guesswork, but the penetrating process that comes from a prepared mind receiving a clear mental picture.

That prepared mind is immersed in information, a flow that starts with data, adds context, performs analytics, and becomes knowledge.

And we all know what knowledge is ... Power


Yes, your staff - regardless of educational background - can and will be processing data, not just pushing buttons of expensive vendor-installed machines.  They will be connecting to your business with a deeper understanding, and intuitively solving problems that NYMs simply could not address before.  Oh, and doing this at the lowest cost possible.

Together you will transform your factory into a knowledge-based Power House.

Our uniquely intuitive consulting strategies are built on a platform of participation.  They will liberate you and your staff to work at your peak potential, enabling all to grow increasingly more creative, accomplished and – yes! – profitable!

Benefit from our methods in these two domains:

  • Upskilling discrete and process manufacturing SME factories from pre-digital to Smart Manufacturing ready. 

    • Wind4, the revolutionary way promoted by the NY State Workforce Development Institute to initiate company-wide Industry 4.0 proficiency without disruption.

    • CESMII, DOE’s Smart Manufacturing Institute, which has supported our demonstration that transformation can be done in under six months.

  • Deep drill into the toughest process problems from real-time QA to scale-up.  Yes, it’s sophisticated – patents pending – but it’s very intuitive.

    • Versogen, application to development of polymers needed for Green Hydrogen production.

    • TrendMiner, amazingly versatile analysis software that enables engineers to do a wide variety of data analytics without the need for specialists.



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Virtual Participation is clearer and leaner than on-site vendor installation

News & Updates

Note: G-WPO used the label (TRP) until the Spring of 2022.

May 10, 2023

G-WPO begins negotiatons on third competitively won CESMII project (More)

January 19, 2023

G-WPO proposes comprehensive approach to SMM upskilling at CESMII Affinity Group (More)

November 15, 2022

G-WPO selected for second time in 2022 to discuss its work at CESMII Cross-Pollination Workshop (More)

November 3, 2022

G-WPO begins second competitively won CESMII project with partner, RPI: “Utilizing the CESMII SMIP to Optimize Product Quality for Mixer/Filler Systems in the Food Industry" (More)

October 13, 2022

NY State Workforce Development Institute approves NBC Application for G-WPO Wind4 Study (More)

September 6, 2022

G-WPO/RPI team begins competitively-won, year-long NYS Pollution Prevention Institute project: “Smart Manufacturing Deployment for Small Manufacturers” (More)  

August 3, 2022

G-WPO selected to present at CESMII Annual Peer Review  (More)


July 21, 2022

CESMII member MetalQuest presents G-WPO Virtual Participation method at SMM Affiliate Group meeting  (More) 

July 7, 2022

G-WPO and Versogen sign deal to optimize process for key Green Hydrogen polymer  (More)


June 7, 2022

G-WPO CESMII team presented Innovation Award 2022 at

Smart Manufacturing Experience,

Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA  (More)

April 20, 2022

G-WPO team member, Jason Impson, invited to speak again; this time on CESMII National Members call  (More)


March 23, 2022

G-WPO delivered the requested “Best Practices” document to DOE  (More)

March 22, 2022

G-WPO’s colleague on CESMII project selected for panel at Manufacturing USA Virtual Network meeting  (More)

February 10, 2022

G-WPO selected to discuss its work at CESMII Cross-Pollination Workshop  (More)


October 1, 2021

G-WPO team begins competitively won six-month CESMII project: “Using CESMII SMIP to Optimize Continuous Cooling Tunnels for Industrial Food Processing”  (More) 

July-September, 2021

Presenting Industry 4.0 to SME's;

not just data - better, faster decision-making  (More)

See all four webinars made possible by NY State Workforce Development Institute

April 7, 2021

NY State Workforce Development Institute approves Krinos Application for G-WPO Wind4 Study  (More)

WDI is supporting the G-WPO proposal to introduce modern digital methods into this Bronx based food factory.

November 10, 2020

G-WPO certified as Solution Partner of TrendMiner, a Software AG business  (More)

September 23, 2020

Tips to Implement Safety Measures Without Sacrificing Productivity

G-WPO presentation for FuzeHub’s Manufacturing Reimagined, hosted by Eric Fasser  (More)

News & Updates

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