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Presenting Industry 4.0 to SMEs; 

not just data - better, faster decision-making


Four one-hour webinars made possible by Workforce Development Institute (WDI)


In this series of webinars, G-W Process Optimization reveals how familiar software, such as Microsoft Excel and the New Dropbox, can be used to introduce everyone working in SME factories to the benefits of Industry 4.0.  That’s right: no proprietary, locked-in, specialized software. 


These webinars describe the Wind4 Package, a customized, hands-on education system in which SMEs learn how to generate and instantly deliver text, pictorial and video documentation as well as automatic time-series data.


The webinars will explain how everyone can become conversant with Industry 4.0's methods for better, faster decision-making.  Everyone will develop the know-how to recognize what technologies will be advisable in the future to operate both manufacturing and their respective departments more efficiently.   And everyone will understand how information can be shared across departments to simplify their own tasks.  Everyone:  techs and supervisors; sales and marketing; engineering and maintenance; finance and HR; and, especially senior management, in charge of strategy, budgets and time frames. 


It gets better.  The GWPO team members who developed Wind4 understand that an SME manager's greatest concern is disruption of productivity.  So, they have engineered their method to require zero down-time and virtually no interference with standard workflow. 


The upside?  Fulfillment of WDI’s goals to grow and keep good jobs in NYS.  Mind you, Wind4 will catalyze interesting, challenging and fulfilling jobs by leaping the chasm from age-old methods to the very edge of modernity.  Participants are advantaged over those for whom Industry 4.0 tools have already been installed because they will understand the fundamentals of what drives optimum decision making because they will have contributed to implementing it in their own facility.


What's the downside?  As far as we can tell, it is letting this opportunity pass you by.


Webinar 1: (July 8 at 11:00 AM)  Legacy manufacturers, the Industry 4.0 revolution is at your door; OK to let it in

What is it that you can let in? What is Industry 4.0 (and all those other trendy names)? Learn how the Wind4 approach to understanding, practicing and benefitting from these cutting-edge manufacturing ideas drills down to their most powerful – and unforgettable – ideas. See how departments other than manufacturing can creatively participate – immediately. Most of all, see where you and your business fit in and realize that customization for each factory is not merely a feature, but a necessity.

Our post-Webinar 1 notes: Not only have times and technology changed, but so have attitudes. Managing an SME profitably is tough work, and reasonable people have serious objections to adopting new strategies. We list five powerful objections that have been true in the past; surely, we have included yours among them.  Spoiler alert: not only will you be pleasantly surprised, but so, too, will your staff. With Wind4 everyone releases latent talent to increase both profits and professional satisfaction.

>> Click to watch recording of Webinar 1 <<

Webinar 2: (July 15 at 11:00 AM) The Cloud shall set you free: a no-new-equipment way to know the truth about what is happening in your manufacturing   

It may be hard to imagine, but Wind4 can show how elements of Industry 4.0 can be done without capital expenditure. See an almost-instant conversion from paper records to electronic, real-time, interactive, Cloud-based documentation with pictures and videos. With this feature it’s easy to see how all departments can participate, share information … and make better, faster decisions.

Our post-Webinar 2 notes: Webinar #1 made bold claims. It’s time to start proving it. Really, really proving it. Instant conversion from paper? No new hardware? We would not be offended if you expressed deep, deep skepticism. Will you give us three-quarters of an hour to prove to you that your business – and the savvy of your staff – can begin to explode with a few bucks and a few hours?

>> Click to watch recording of Webinar 2 <<

Webinar 3: (July 29 at 11:00 AM) Do you speak, Data?  If so, your machines and processes have a lot to tell you  

When you see how Wind4 guides you along to time-series data collection from selected sensors and factory devices you’ll realize that the leap to a fuller, richer application of Industry 4.0 is logical – and information rich. Find out how this information can be disseminated instantly across the factory, enabling technicians and engineers to coax processes to perfection.

Our post-Webinar 3 notes: If you thought Webinar #2 was a neat way to make a quick-end to reliance on paper, wait until you see what we’ve done for gathering data – and interpreting it. That’s right, not just collecting endless streams of meaningless measurements, but getting the juicy stuff you need to make better decisions. Think our assertion about overlapping with multiple departments was just an empty boast? Well, we Engineers proudly admit that it was a Finance guy that helped us get the analytics we needed. Hey, we warned you that there’s lots of available talent on staff just waiting to contribute.

>> Click to watch recording of Webinar 3 <<

Webinar 4: (September 30 at 11:00 AM) With Wind4 adoption, management and staff can say, "We really are all in this together"  

Time to put all the elements together and to recognize that the future of business lies not so much in automation as in cooperation; that human intelligence, carefully channeled, can never be replaced by artificial intelligence.  See how Wind4 integrates the ideas of workers from multiple departments, exploiting the tools to relieve bottlenecks, wasted time and even stress.  Watch reports from the field demonstrating that the old-school objections to Industry 4.0-upgrading are … well … out of touch, replaced by Wind4’s actionable, purposeful new methods.  Knowledge is, indeed, power, the power to change from hide-bound traditional methods to exciting, productive, career-shaping new ways.

>> Click to watch recording of Webinar 4 <<

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