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Who We Are

The only way we could have done so many different things successfully is by having found a way to make change fun.  And that way is far removed from reading a manual, taking a course or just following the directions.


Rapid, beneficial, and pleasurable change is a result of framing the challenge to meet its most basic needs: understanding the strategic basics while doing something useful.  Simultaneously.  Understanding without doing is mere abstraction; doing without understanding is … well … button-pushing.


So, who are we?  We are the folks that have created a method to share these action-oriented ideas throughout our practice.   We are the folks who can get you to the next level – no, more – who can transform your operation, quickly and permanently.


Sure, if we wanted, we could ask you to step aside as we do the entire job – but that’s not what you really want is it?  You want to be independent, creative, profitable.  You want to be a leader.  You want everyone in your factory – engineers, HR, Finance, management – to operate without silos, cooperatively.  You really want an advantage over your laid-back, Old-School competitors, and a lead position with your Smart Manufacturing rivals. You want to discern value from trendiness.  You want to win in the marketplace.


Now you know.  When we say we, the meaning is both of us.

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